LoRa Parking Sensor

LoRa Parking Sensor

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LoRa Parking Sensor

The parking sensors can precisely detect parking events in dense, urban environments and they are capable of detecting and “filtering out” any electromagnetic interference or noise, such as interference caused by underground trains or power lines. Those interferences could cause a temporary change in the magnetic field surrounding the sensor, and thus leading to false parking events.

Our sensors and algorithms are optimized for the immediate, highly precise detection of vehicles while maintaining low-power consumption and long battery lifetime – prerequisites of an IoT solution – at the same time.

Sensors transmit data at defined time periods (periodically) to the main data management system. They are based on LoRaWan protocol and operate with autonomous batteries which lifetime can reach 8-10 years, depending on the data transmission frequency and the communication between the sensors and the gateway (every 1 hour, 2 hours etc.). Also, the daily traffic of the parking spot is a determining factor to keep in mind when estimating the battery lifetime of the sensor.

The main characteristics of our parking sensors are:

  • Precise real-time vehicle detection and false parking event filtering, using magneto – inductive technology
  • Low power consumption and long battery lifetime
  • Integrated LoRa module-chipset, with LoRaWAN support and communication with LoRa® gateway
  • Easy installation, both to flat and inclined ground
  • Solid, rugged cover with no maintenance required
  • Operating temperatures between -20°C ~ 70°C
  • Sun proof and waterproof outdoor enclosure

Wide Range

5 km (urban), >10 km (suburban), >80 km (Line of Sight)

Long Battery Lifetime

Battery lifetime > 10 years

Unlicensed Spectrum

Operation in unlicensed spectrum

Low Cost

Very Low Cost

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