LoRa Waste Management Sensor

LoRa Waste Management Sensor

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LoRa Waste Management Sensor

Ultrasonic sensors main operation is the distance measurement by using ultrasonic waves. In principal, the sensor head emits an ultrasonic wave to a specific target and then receives the wave reflected back from that target. Then, ultrasonic sensors calculate the distance to the target by measuring the time between the emission and reception.

Our ultrasonic sensors use an ultrasonic distance measurement module that provides non-contact distance sensing functionalities for distances ranging from 20cm-600cm, with ranging accuracy up to 2mm. The module includes the transceiver of an integrated ultrasonic sensor and a control circuit.

Our sensors also adopt an industrial-grade integrated ultrasonic probe design, are waterproof and operate with stable performance, thus providing accurate distance measurements.

Ultrasonic sensors are used in a variety of ways, covering a wide range of applications such as human presence detection, distance calculation, water / other fluid level detection, industrial applications (contouring and profiling), vehicle detection for car wash and automotive assembly, stacking height control, thread or wire break detection etc.

They are based on LoRaWan protocol and operate with autonomous batteries which lifetime can reach 5 years, depending on the data transmission frequency between the sensors and the gateway.

The main characteristics of our ultrasonic sensors are:

  • High ranging accuracy (up to 2mm)
  • Low voltage, low power consumption
  • Integrated LoRa module-chipset, with LoRaWAN support and communication with LoRa® gateway
  • IP67 waterproof, designed to operate at extreme conditions in terms of temperature and moisture
  • Battery lifetime exceeding 5 years
  • Small size, easy to use – simple and safe placement
  • Wide area / Low power wireless network
  • Strong anti-interference protection

Wide Range

5 km (urban), >10 km (suburban), >80 km (Line of Sight)

Long Battery Lifetime

Battery lifetime > 10 years

Unlicensed Spectrum

Operation in unlicensed spectrum

Low Cost

Very Low Cost

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