LoRa Water Meter

LoRa Water Meter

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LoRa Water Meter

Our certified iMI Lora Smart Water Meter sensors introduce the IoT flexibility and low-power consumption benefits to the Smart water supply networks, by providing solutions for measurement and water resources management.

They offer some unique features, such as remote control of the meter valve without a presence of technical personnel, leakage detection, while maintaining an accurate and precise measurement of a wide range of water flow rates.

Upon integration to a water supply system, our Smart meters offer the above benefits:

  • Notification of water consumption
  • Remote valve control
  • Remote control of tanks, pump stations and other water sources
  • Correct management of water resources
  • Leakage location and determination of dysfunctional water grids
  • Water quality and decontamination control
  • Capability of modifying water pressure or immediate shut-down of water supply in case of malfunction / leakage
  • Water savings
  • Environmental protection
  • Integrated maintenance system

The main characteristics of our Water Meters are:

  • MID certified
  • Lora-Wan Class A protocol
  • Integrated Lora module chipset
  • IP68 waterproof protection
  • Low pressure loss, high sensitivity
  • Vacuumed mechanism
  • Suitable up to 50oC
  • Remote valve close

Wide Range

5 km (urban), >10 km (suburban), >80 km (Line of Sight)

Long Battery Lifetime

Battery lifetime > 10 years

Unlicensed Spectrum

Operation in unlicensed spectrum

MID Certified

Can contact with water intended for human consumption.

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